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Mother's Day Weekend Concerts

The Northwestern College Choir (pictured here), under the direction of Tim Sawyer, will present 'Bon Voyage' concerts this weekend (Friday and Sunday). The "Sacred Bridges" concerts will feature music with a Baltic flavor as they prepare for their tour of Latvia, Estonia and Finland. 

Twin Cities Catholic Chorale

Believe it or not - this choir ROCKS! 

So says Jamie Thomas in the article published in Metro Magazine - click here for the full article.

Recently I met with Keith Kostuch and Bob Peterson and talked about the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale and the unique musical offering the chorale brings to the Sunday Mass at the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul. 

This coming Sunday, Mother's Day, features Rheinberger's Mass in C. Here are the details for this special presentation.

Be sure to check out their choir page to see a full list of upcoming Masses.


Two Great Concerts this Friday, April 30th!

VocalEssence will present "Mallets & Melodies" at the Cathedral of St. Paul at 8:00 pm. 

Check out all the information about this special choral event on their website here!

The Augsburg Choir will present their 'Bon Voyage Concert' the Hoversten Chapel, Augsburg College at 8:00 pm. 

Check out the details of this concert here!


Twin Cities Jewish Chorale

I'm pleased to have the Twin Cities Jewish Chorale on the ChoralExpress Choral Calendar!  This new choir will present their inaugural concert, "400 Years of the Diaspora" on Sunday, June 6 at 3:00 pm at Theatre Or at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park, MN (Click here for Google Map).  They have a great Website located at - so be sure to check out their information there.  For all the details about their concert listing on ChoralExpress, click here!

Finding Concerts on ChoralExpress

What's the best way to find concerts using ChoralExpress?

First of all, sign up to receive the eNewsletter!  You can do that by going to your state calendar and use the sign up form located on the left.  And feel free to sign up for more than just one state - heck, sign up for all five eNewsletters to keep up to date on all the concerts posted here!  The eNewsletters are sent out several times each month, so your inbox isn't overloaded. 

Secondly, go to the Choirs page (click here or on the Choirs tab along the top of the site). When you find a choir you're interested in, click on the name of the choir and then you'll see all the concerts they are performing.

Finally, you can simply click on any of the state Choral Calendars!  You can 'drill down' to see concerts in a specific region of the state or a specific type of choir (or both!).  And be sure to check out the All States Choral Calendar to see ALL of the concerts by choirs in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

And just for fun - try using the Search tool located in the upper right corner of the site.  It's a great way to look for additional information posted on ChoralExpress.

Welcome North Dakota Choirs!

The Central Dakota Children's Choir from Bismarck, MN joined ChoralExpress today!  Welcome!

Check out their Website here!

And a hearty welcome to all choirs from North Dakota!

Part of my childhood was spent in Grand Forks where I sang in the choir while in Elementary / Junior High.  I have some great memories of singing with my friends and having the honor of being chosen to sing the solo for "Do You Hear What I Hear?".  Needless to say, my mom was proud!

Augsburg and Wartburg College Choirs on Tours

This coming weekend features two great Lutheran College Choirs on the Choral Calendars!

The Augsburg College Choir, under the direction of Peter Hendrickson, is presenting two concerts in preparation of their upcoming tour to China:

Saturday April 10 at 7:00 pm at the Mondovi HS, Mondovi WI.  Here are the details!

Sunday April 11 at 4:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, Montevideo MN.  Here are the details!

Looking ahead - the Augsburg College Choir Tour Farewell Concert is April 30!  Check it out here!


The Wartburg College Choir, under the direction of Lee Nelson, will be touring in Iowa presenting a program entitled "Flood My Soul with Spirit and Life". 

Friday April 9 at 7:30 pm at St. John's Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA.  Here are the details!

Saturday April 10 at 7:00 pm at First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Here are the details!

Sunday April 11 at 4:00 pm at Waverly Chapel, Waverly, IA.  Here are the details!


April Concerts

April is an exciting month on the Choral Calendars for ChoralExpress!

I've added a new view to see all five states on one calendar - check it out here! 

Looking over the April Calendar, there are a wide variety of concerts listed - everything from Jazz to World Premieres, Spirituals to Mendelssohn!

Today I'd like to highlight several concerts on the Minnesota Choral Calendar:

Mendelssohn, Minnesota and More! on April 11 will be presented by a new choir on ChoralExpress, I Cantanti, from Northfield, MN.  I Cantanti will be joined by the Edina Chorale to offer a wonderful Spring concert - check out the details here!


VocalEssence will present Mallets and Melodies on April 30 - an inspiring program with Gabrieli's Magnificat and three world premieres as part of the Marimba 2010 Festival and Convention.  Be sure to check out this fantastic concert at the St. Paul Cathedral - here are the details!

I'll be highlighting other April concerts here in my blog - so be sure to check back often!

Bach's St. John Passion

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of Bach's St. John Passion at the beautiful Westminster Presbyterian Church on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.  The afternoon program was well attended.  Prior to the concert, the audience was requested to hold all applause for the day, so after the concert we all left in silence, complimenting the spirit of the presentation and the day (Palm Sunday). 

The Westminster Presbyterian church choir and soloists were well prepared, and the role of the Evangelist (superbly performed by William Pederson) provided the center piece for the narration.  The orchestral parts were performed by members of the Lyra Baroque Orchestra. The balance of singers and orchestra members was excellent, providing the right combination for a Baroque 'sound' - and the placement of the choir, in the upper balconies, created great stereophonic results for the chorus parts.

Even though it takes a little while for the ear to adjust to the Baroque style, the mannerisms soon are quite satisfying for the senses and the soul.  If you've never heard this setting of the Passion before, I fully recommend it.  The chorales are expressive and the arias are absolutely beautiful.  For example, after Jesus dies on the cross, Bach offers a beautiful dance for bass and continuo (the continuo played on the sweet sounding Viola da Gamba). Surely Bach captures the essence of the Christian message of hope in the cross and the 'happy fault' (Felix culpa) of Jesus' death. 

Of course I could go on and on about all of the great compositional techniques presented (including the interesting fact that the score, when viewed, is in the shape of a cross!), but suffice to say, I am most grateful to the choir, soloists, director Jere Lantz, and Melanie Ohnstad, organist, for their hard work on this worthy statement of faith.

Tallis Scholars

The Tallis Scholars performed at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis yesterday evening.  I had the great fortune of sitting near the front so as to hear and see the performance up close (thank you Harriet!).  The concert was well attended and the presentation of the program, "Your Most Secret Thoughts..." was sublime.