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How does this site work?

Choral organizations register via the registration form (Click here to open the registration form). Choirs that are registered will be listed on the Choirs page with a link to their home page. Registered choirs can then post their concerts on the choral calendar.

Which states can use this Website?

Choirs from all 50 states and Canada can use this website!

How do I register my choir?

Choral organizations register their choir with the registration form. The information must be approved before it will be posted on the site - typically within 24 hours.  Once the registration is approved, the choir will be listed on the Choirs page and is eligible to start posting concerts.  There is no fee to be registered on ChoralExpress!

How do I post concerts on the choral calendar?

Only registered choirs that have paid the annual fee can post concerts. There will be a 'Post Concerts' tab (along the top of every page) that will be available to registered choirs (after they LOGIN). This form needs to be completed and signed (with a digital signature) by the choral organization leadership, for each concert posting.  Simply create new concert postings for each concert on your schedule by using this same form each time. 

I've posted my Concert Posting, but why is it not on the Calendar?

Concert postings must be approved before being posted to the choral calendar - typically within 24 hours, usually within an hour after you post them.  This is to make sure the information is accurate, appropriate and legitimate for ChoralExpress.

Can I change my Concert Posting?

Concert Postings can be changed, corrected, etc., by contacting ChoralExpress with the request, either via email or via the Contact Form.

Is there a fee?

Yes, to post concerts on the Choral Calendar, the fee is $30.00 annually.  There is no fee to register your choir and have it listed on the ChoralExpress Choirs page.

How do I pay for the annual registration fee?

Payments can be made by any major credit card via PayPal.

Where do I make payments?

The "Purchase" tab (along the top of every page for registered choirs that are logged in) opens the shopping cart. There you simply select the Annual Registration, add it to the shopping cart and checkout.

Who will be interested in using this site?

Anyone who is interested in attending choral concerts would want to visit this site and/or sign up for the newsletters. The newsletters are sent at least once a month with information about registered choirs and concert postings.

What are the benefits of ChoralExpress?

For people who want to know about choral music concerts, this site is their single source for concert dates and information. For choral organizations, the benefit is knowing that ChoralExpress is reaching out to the public on their behalf, promoting choral music concerts across the United States and Canada (soon to be found in the UK, EU.

Does the site have advertising?

Yes! Choral Organizations and local businesses are welcome to advertise on this site. Click here for advertising rates. Please use the contact form to indicate your interest.